Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I'm back..somewhat

wow looks like with mridus death my blog died too.. this is being done so that ..something happens a new creative spark ignites and maybe i can still write.. to a new dawn ..hopefully not a false one

Thursday, September 25, 2008

r.i.p Mridula

recentlyA friend died..
i knew her.. but i guess i never kept in touch ... she was quite a person..

its rather weird to write about her.. i used to sit next to her in class..
creative .. high strung and smiling.. talking a lot.. and she remembered me when i didn't remember her..

i guess i could easily have kept in touch with her..but i didnt ..
she was truly loved ..the mere fact that people who barely knew her had such a bad reaction to her loss, is proof in itself..

Mridula i hope you are well now :)

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

the future holds me in the cradle of new age.. age of Aquarius

bits and peices of life altering conversation

my mums theory : im the only kid.she has no back ups as she calls not allowed to do some stuff
do u like soldier of fortune

dhananjai: haha!! :P
you know something .. you and i... we are proabably bastard grand children of genghiz kahn :)

ne: ahem..why?
and my dad keeps telling ppl we're in him an G.khan/..bit random,...but he does.. :s theres a strange story i believe

dhananjai: well most indians are actually decended from mongolians.. and well at one point genghiz kahn...raped so many women while plundering india of it beuty and wealth.. that we are his bastard children.. :D
i have secret hopes and wishes in the same wavelength :)
and now its not so secret any more :(

ne: as whom?

bugger me..

us strange tonight..hehe

as whom ?
what do you mean..

i have secret hopes and wishes in the same wavelength :)
as whom

i think we have great potential to be stranger..
:D oh as me.. :D

whos we?>

we would be us 2..
wait i shall explain..

dhananjai: i have hopes and dreams like that of genghiz kahn

to go rape a mill females?
to be strange looking and have an unpleasnt rep? :s
* frowns *

shall go out to different lands .. and shall leave my mark..eventually when the world is really really really really really old..and i m not alive ..everybody will be related to me :)

why on earth?

shall inherit my qualities.. and itll be the dawn of a new more progressive age

aa h... im laughing lots

why.. :(

no reason what so evr

its my way of contributing to the progress of humanity..

u really dont need to at such vast reaches

i just need to find similar thinking female companions.. :D also..i should be wary of std's so itll be challenging..this is now my new life aim

our country does enough for the world popn...without u single handedly leavin g "ur mark" was it? :p

all for superiour human species..

slutty females?

hmm no..

i believe my coll is abundantly overflowing with em

no slutty females are useless in my quest for new superiour human race..

if u dont mind the national language all the time, youre set match ur mindset....they'll have to be reallly open minded or realllly weird..or slutty
third option comes naturally to several females

no ..useless..i need women who are in the prime of the fertility... smart.. progressive.. and well they should be willing to bear fruit with your truly..and i'l be busy spreading new world order.. while at some point.. my philosphy of life wil spread


ne: hahahhahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaa

other parts of the conversation have been deleted in order for the world to experience what it does not know.. .i cant show it to you..then you'll know whats happening.(and may rise to unnecessary rebellion).stranger things are happening in the background and slowly the plan will be in motion..i would suspect you not to laugh at the plan..
the person/object once known as ne... will forever after this remain in obscurity hidden behind the Clouds..

i respect life is based on helps people grow.. but there is a time and place.. and it will be at end of the age... peace will arrive at gates of a new age of the Aquarius.. peace progress and everything else

my name is Dhananajai
Life Is A Jueey
you are all my decendents..(when time is around the year 2600.)

more abt the age of Aquarius:
its just beautiful.. research for yourself.. it'll be time for all things will blossom.. progress in science.. and essentially the world and universe at large..

more from the present day and age (logged below for convenience -penned by some author)
::::The key phrase for Aquarius is "I Know," but that knowledge is not a righteous, superior or exclusionary knowledge. It's a sort of wisdom that draws people together, for Aquarians are, above all else, social animals. They crave interaction with large groups of people, thriving in humanitarian and social causes and in any situation where collective thought, innovation and cooperation are required. They tend to be eccentric and disdainful of tradition and -- while they love magic and believe in the esoteric arts -- prefer to discover knowledge through scientific experimentation and exploration.

Technology is like a hobby for the Water Bearer. Aquarians stockpile all the new gadgets on the market and are at ease in front of a computer or connected to a cell phone. Sure, they're trendy -- they need to be at the forefront, in the midst of the social action, up on the hottest fads -- but they also truly love other people and believe strongly in the independent spirit.

Sociable, open-minded, innovative, eschewing of tradition, scientific and technologically driven. If we extract these qualities from the individual and apply them to the world, we can see what the Aquarian Age is all about. We will loosen the ties of tradition and forge ahead in a cooperative effort to improve human relations and also the relations between ourselves and our world. We will be respectful yet also playfully, intelligently rebellious. We will admire and encourage individuality and embrace differences rather than fear them.

There's no way to know where the Age of Aquarius will lead us all. Who knows what the world will be like in the year 4000? As science proves that we are all one race -- that no matter our color or origin, we are all essentially the same beneath our skin -- we will also grow, change and learn to adapt to one another's cultural and individual differences. We have an opportunity to apply the most positive qualities of Aquarius -- intellectual openness, humanitarianism and compassion for the environment -- to making our world a more considerate, benevolent and accepting place:::

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


o'neil :)
priya and me :) kiki ness

In all my life..since i was old enough to start being the person ive become..
ive always wanted something to happen like what happened in manipal..

trip..traveling..the sheer joy friends ..making new friends..trying new things..this is what life is about..adventure.. (bombay was fun as well..IRON MAIDEN BABY)
this is what my life is about..
i will never forget this trip.. i may not have any pictures about this trip..but my memory will serve me well till i become senile..
this is what LIFE IS ABOUT.. A DREAM..A MOVIE..A REAL LIFE..MY LIFE.. it was everything i wanted it to be and more.. i miss it..i love it.. ill always cheerish it :)
bahv and o'neil ..thanks mate

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

the days prophet

and as the temples we all worship
falls to the ground
we all sink into a deep sea of pussy.
it being the last stop of a dangerous
and conservative nation
a sea of ants march only to be crushed
by the strong aroma of soothing butterflies

sweet up and down
is in the presence of the wrathchild
as the indians play in the dirt.
rattle in the sweet acid wild
cooled by the vast beach and beautful naked sight

grand is the day
optimistic in its pessimistic premise
a new age of the aquarius.
liberal free and swimming in a wet dream
come with us
spreading the water everywhere

chubby and sahil they were witness

Monday, January 14, 2008

fb graffiti

from rtto davey

to that bum arun

from k bird
to rt
from vu

to vu ..this is good

to tariq

to cut my hair :(

from ne

from davey ..awesome :)